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Welcome to the Metro Urgicare Family, here's a gift!


(Yes, an ACTUAL gift, not just a clean bill of health or an insurance bill)

Thanks for visiting our site and considering Metro Urgicare as your urgent care provider. Click here to book your first appointment with us, and we'll give you a gift upon check-in.

New patients for Metro Urgicare are eligible to receive one of our branded items (while supplies last.) This includes:

Compact MirrorPill Cases
Stress ballTote bag
MagnetLip Balm
Hand SanitizerFirst Aid Kit


(and hand fans during the summertime)

We certainly look forward to seeing you in one of our many, conveniently located sites in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

In order to redeem your free gift, please click here to book your appointment request or call your location of choice to make an appointment

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Unlike other Urgent Care providers, like CityMD and AFC Urgent Care, you can make an appointment online as well as just doing a walk-in. More than half of our locations also offer primary and specialty care on-site, in addition to urgent care. So, if you need a new primary care physician, looking for a second opinion, or have any other health concern, we have providers on-site that are ready to see you!

Here's what our patients have to say:

  • Love Dr Segal. I hope he’s never removed from East Tremont site. Everytime I have a good doctor there he or she is sent elsewhere. Dr. Segal (Dr Ally) is truly one of a kind .He takes his time in learning about the patient and shows true concern to your worries. It’s hard to find a doctor who actually cares about the well being of a patient.

    - Sophia Z.

  • My, experience was very positive, pleasant, and professional, with caring attitude which promotes patient well being. Consequently, which healing process is through the caring and bedside manner of the doctors treating patients. I was treated by Dr. Kim Ji Young today,[06/14/19] and she was so efficent and helpful calling me at home to provide follow-up service. Instructing my x-rays revealed a hiarline -fracture to my foot. Finally, she had the couteousness and professionalism to offer patient to come back to clinic to have a protective boot attached to my fractured foot. I. must cofess this was a powerful deispaly of how effective 'Metrourgwentcare' healthcare system is working so well in oyur community, big thumbs up to Dr. Kim for reaching out to follow-up offering medical care to patients in the community, thank you so much; good job! 'Metro URGICARE'[1550 University Ave Bronx,10452.] I, am a strong patient supporter for the medical care team located at 1550 University Ave in the Bronx NY. Darrell Emerson Suggestion, you might want to offer patients more ability to give positive feedback about specific facilities/ locations, ex; 1550 University Ave, Bronx NY 10452, and the care team located there, like a comparison analysis in research studies, because they are really that good. Great experience 5 stars

    - Darrell E.

  • I wasn't there too long though I missed my appointment time. The space isn't as big as it needs to be for all the people they accommodate so I was a bit skeptical but the receptionists do an excellent job. The nurse & staff that helped me were professional and human beings. They put me at ease and were a big help.

    - Anicka L.

  • I went to website to check nearby Urgent care due to a painful sore throat . I get there, the nurse and the Dr. took care of me. Thank you very much. I feel much better. Maria Robles

    - Maria R.

  • The staff was very friendly and professional. The wait time was quick I was seen moments later after verifying all the necessary information. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone in need of urgent care.

    - Tashia F.

  • This was, by far, the best urgent care experience I’ve ever had. I’d go so far as to say it was a better experience than any primary care physician I’ve ever been to. The wait was not long, and Dr. White had the best bedside manner of any doctor I’ve seen. She showed genuine concern, and listened to everything I had to say. Overall a great experience (besides being sick of course

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