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Physicals are a time to review overall health and stay updated on wellness. Metro UrgiCare serves Norwood, East Tremont, Morris Heights, Parkchester in Bronx, NY and Brooklyn, NY area residents with all their urgent care needs.

Physicals Q & A

What Happens During a Physical?

During a physical, the doctor will evaluate or verify a patient's general health. Physical exams include many different types of tests on an as-needed basis. This can include cholesterol level checks via blood tests, diabetes screening, thyroid screening, screening for metabolic disorders, testing for strep throat, and any other tests that may be indicated. If the patients need updated vaccinations like Tetanus, Hepatitis B, and MMR, those can be done during the physical exam as well. A physical exam can be tailored to the individual, so patients should not hesitate to ask the doctor about any concerns that they may have during this exam.

Why do Patients Need Physical Exams?

Physical exams are part of a person's overall health and wellness, so they should be done on at least a yearly basis for most people. Some people may need more frequent physical exams, particularly if they have ongoing health concerns. In some cases, people have to undergo a physical before a potential employer will extend an offer of employment. Sometimes sports teams, either school-based or independent, require participants to have a physical exam before they can be part of the team. People who have been injured on the job may need to have a physical before they are cleared to return to full duty at work.

How Can Patients Prepare For a Physical Exam?

The Metro UrgiCare team can help patients prepare for physical exams in several ways. Patients may need to fast for a specified amount of time prior to the exam if certain types of tests are being performed. If patients have undergone any emergency medical treatments at a hospital or other facility, they should make sure that those records are sent to Metro UrgiCare before the physical exam so the doctor can be completely up to date on the patient's health.

Metro Urgicare is an approved urgent care provider by Medicaid and Medicare. As such, all Metro Urgicare locations accept patients on Medicaid and Medicare. Metro Urgicare is also a participating provider with several other health insurance companies, click here to see the latest list of accepted insurance plans. If you don't see your insurance plan on our list, please give us a call at 718-METRO-UC (718-638-7682) to confirm. You can also contact us online and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and get you an appointment!

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